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Armies have conquered & fallen in the end.

Kingdoms have risen then buried by sand.

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My bio is a mess, I know. I'm so overwhelmed with it I can barely bring myself to clean it up, so here are the most important things. I have my communities: midsummer_wind yourfuzzypants raspberrynights and layouts are done by milou_veronica, passing_girl, mentahelada, kill_brainz, kuribati/beatcrusher

Credits for brushes used
V Brush // plastic-slut.com // angryblue.com
calixa - here - here
claudia6913 - here
crumblingwalls - here - here - here
dtissagirl - here
_joni - here - here
my_shiny_things - here
ohpaintbrush - here
pekeana - here - here
quebelly - here
spiralling - here - here
teh_indy - here - here - here - here - here - here - here - here
the_morningstar - here

Credit for textures used
blimey_icons - here
disappearicons - here - here - here - here - here - here - here - here -
icon_whore_ - here
inxsomniax - here
julia_thorne13 - here - here
onebigshrug - here
pessimistchick - here
teh_indy - here
swazzy - here

Credit for Get Fuzzy mood theme: absolut

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