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I need your help. This is driving me crazy.

No matter which layout I use, I can only view the first few (about 8) entries on my friends' custom/filtered page. There is no button that says "Go back 10 entries." When I go to Customize Journal Style, next to Number of journal entries to show on friends page, no matter what number I put into the box (ie. 10, 20), I still get only the latest 8 entries. There's nothing in the custom CSS about this and I'm sure it's not the CSS because I've tried a bunch of layouts already.

The only way for this "Go back 10 entries" button to show up is if I view all my friends' entries. As in all the entries from every single community I belong to, and I seriously don't want to do that.

What am I missing? It used to not be like this. Now I can't read any of my friends' old entries unless I go to their journal. Is it because LJ has a rule now where I can only view entries from the last two weeks?
Tags: livejournal: layout

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