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John has been noticing that I've been irritable and tired lately, so he's been asking "Are you ok" and "How are you feeling" a lot. I hate it when people ask me that, especially teachers or employers. Most of the time, what I want to say is "I want to fling myself off of a bridge because you drive me to the edge of despair," but you can't really say that to a teacher or employer, can you? No, you cannot.

Now Gwen wants to do personal interviews with us, and I tell you, if I have to make conversation with her for 45 minutes, I might slip and say things like "Graphic design makes me want to punch a baby in the face" or "Your class makes me want to OD on soda." Hopefully, I can control myself and retain some sort of professional facade in the face of impending doom.
Tags: school: design


    Promoting my own fabric and product line: toga and headscarf :D:D:D

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