Meeps! (dark_soul_lost) wrote,

Project 365 | Week 4

Eeeeeeee Mr. Haaaaabbbbeesssssssssss.

22 / 365

Re-organized room, with a kitty as a decor.

23 / 365

Mr. Hobbes aka Haaaaabbes (if you want to say his name annoyingly) AGAIN.

24 / 365

I don't know what I was thinking here. Burnt out was what I was.

26 / 365

My growing collection of paper. I have a lot more as of today.

27 / 365

Stormy Friday.

28 / 365

So obviously I take too many cat pictures, which will change soon. And I missed YET ANOTHER DAY.

And here's two pictures of my messy desk. Somehow I always manage to be messy. This is actually the "cleanest" it's ever been.

To Do List:
+ beat eggs
+ stiffen fabric
+ fold fabric boxes
+ find black shelves for shoes
+ carl graham :O

Messy Desk

To Do List
Tags: pictures, project 365

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