Meeps! (dark_soul_lost) wrote,

Project 365 | Week 3

I just realized I took a bunch of cat pictures this week. I'm also missing one day. I have failed.

15 / 365

17 / 365

18 / 365

19 / 365

20 / 365

21 / 365
Tags: pictures, project 365

  • Habbbesssss

    The camera on the iPod sucks, but that doesn't deter me from taking pictures of my cats, like Hobbes aka Habbesss.

  • New Item on Etsy

    I'm reviving my Etsy. New photography, yay!

  • Prints

    I finally sent my photos to print at a professional printer. Now I can finally sell these! Here are some prints I just posted on Etsy. Click on the…

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