Meeps! (dark_soul_lost) wrote,

Project 365 // Week 1

I recently was talked into starting the Project 365, where I would have to take a photo of my life each day for 365 days. Already, I failed once while being to busy (and stressed) with doing homework. But I took a photo anyway, at 2:50 AM the next day. I think I'll post them here each week. I was too chicken to do the self-portrait idea, so I settled for taking pictures of anything in my life that I felt was meaningful to me.

1 // February 12, 2010 // Friday

2 // February 13, 2010 // Saturday

3 // February 14, 2010 // Sunday

4 // February 15, 2010 // Monday

5 // February 16, 2010 // Tuesday

6 // February 17, 2010 // Wednesday

7 // February 18, 2010 // Friday
Tags: pictures, project 365

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