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Singapore: Botanic Garden

Finally finished uploading this set. I'm exhausted. But I had to give it enough attention. Everything in this place is beautiful.



The Singapore Botanic Garden was probably my favorite place. It's a spacey public park with an extensive private orchid garden. It was breathtaking. There's no other feeling to describe how beautiful the orchid garden is. You can never feel all the beauty of that place unless you were standing there yourself. It was like walking through a fairy tale.

We took the train to Orchard and then walked what seemed like quite a long way to the Botanic Garden. By the time we got there, we were soaked in our own stinky sweat. My sister and I spent ten minutes taking pictures of dragonflies. I then acted like a gorilla, pounding my chest and making faces while dancing around in a festive manner so my sister can take pictures. And we got to see a giant lizard (or whatever it is) that looked a lot like an alligator crossing the path and swimming across the Swan Lake. I did not scream like a girl (because I had prior warning).
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