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Singapore: Science Centre

Finally, new pictures.


My sister and I have this new-found tradition where the person taking pictures count 1-2-3 constantly, and after every 1-2-3, the "model" has to change his/her pose. My sister has mastered this modeling technique while I have failed miserable, always seeming to end with an expressive dance. This is the product of my failed modeling.

This album took me two days to upload. I had so many pictures to go through.

My cousin and her friend took us to the Science Centre and then to the Jurong Bird Park. It was an all-day expedition. At the end of the day, I was feeling miserable. Why? Because of the weather—created by the devil, I'm sure. But all in all, it was a wonderful trip.

We took the train to the Science Centre. We spent too much time there because we were caught up in picture-taking, which led us to have some not-so-wonderful experiences at the Bird Park, but that's for another entry. I loved the Eco Garden, but then again, I love all gardens. We ate lunch there among the giant red fire ants under the disgustingly soaked canopy with sweat dripping down our backs.

By this time, we weren't just miserable because of the weather, but because of the fact that we realized the however many clothes we brought for our trip wasn't going to last. Showering three times a day and sweating non-stop demanded that we change our clothes constantly, and therefore, wash them constantly too. With absolutely no laundromat to go to, we had to wash our clothes by hand. By mid-week, I was so tired I made my sister wash all my clothes.

And yeah, this insanely hot weather doesn't dry clothes either, because duh, it's humid! The water in the air just clings to our clothes and made them wetter. Four days air drying and they're as wet as ever, with a stink to them. *shudder* For the last part of our trip, we were able to get our sweaty hands on an iron to speed up the drying process. Can't say I miss that part of our trip.
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