Meeps! (dark_soul_lost) wrote,

Singapore: Shopping Trip


Shopping trip to Suntec Mall for the first half of the day. About a mile walking distance away from our hotel. We wanted to go grocery shopping. Sometimes traveling to an unknown country means you have to be idiots. You don't know where to go or what to do. We honestly just wanted to get some Pepsi for when we feel like partying during the night in our hotel by ourselves. There are no one lamer than us, and yet, it is a tradition of ours to drink to ourselves and toast with Pepsi at night.

Alas, being fools, we didn't realize that there were four Coke machines near our hotel. We also didn't realize that the fridge in our room sucks. As in it was hotter inside the fridge than outside, so for the next week, our Pepsi would sit in there, suffering the heat as I did, gossiping and complaining like old ladies.

We were also complaining on our way to Suntec, because jeez, at 9-ish AM, it was hot as hell, and as humid as ever. Hellooo, equator. I dearly hate you. We bought Pepsi, ham, and a converter. Before going out, we put our best clothes and makeup on. When we got home, we felt like shit. Sweat sweat sweat. And remember, it's like being cover in soda and then baked in the sun. Sticky sticky sticky. I wonder how people live.

Well, in the end, I think this was perhaps the worst part of our trip. After the third day, we settled for Coke from the machines. At least those were cold ... for the two minutes that they're out of the machine. Then after, they were warm and disgusting.

The day that I came back to California, I ran to my fridge and drank iced Pepsi—in the freezing weather. Life has never felt so good in those moments.
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