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Hold the pastels!

There was no time to save my spring show poster from the bright, cheery, evil pastel colors that I always use, but I was able to save some of my work from being taken over by my constant urge to make everything girly.

Here is a series of postcards I designed for my other class on the play The Importance of being Earnest. There are still some legibility issues that need to be worked out, but I'm happier with what I have now. Of course the last two pieces cannot be read at all on the computer, but on printouts they are quite easy to read, so it should be no problem. Now that I think about it, maybe I should get rid of that pink altogether.

Next project we're doing is designing a deck of cards. We're allowed to pick any subjects we want, which means no more happy subjects like Disneyland or whatnot. Dragons. How about dragons?

Before and after.

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