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I wish I wasn't so distracted all the time. In one minute I'm deciding I should do homework and the next I'm abandoning the thought for a play date with Calvin. The thought that I'm never going to get my Flash project done is creeping into my head, and sooner or later, it's going to turn into a big monster of a nightmare and scare the shit out of me in the middle of the night.

Calvin has constantly been an attention whore, meowing every five minutes or so demanding I pet him and play catch with him. At this point, I can't decide if I should be annoyed or honored that he loves me enough to want my attention. Sometimes I end up having to carry him on one shoulder while doing my work with my other arm.

Richard put his foot down and scolded us today about the presentation of our homework and putting in the effort to do it. He said he's going to grade harder now and that we're too old to not be able to follow simple directions. Pretty much no more Mr Nice Guy. I think he does this every month or so, which he seems to be getting tired of doing. I don't blame him, considering he's been lenient with us so we've been slacking off in his class. He's frustrated with us, I'm sure. Angry? Maybe not. I can't imagine Richard ever being angry, but he seemed to be chewing us out like rats with dead bodies. Dramatic comparison, I know, but I've always been known for being dramatic. Mostly bad dramatization. I was glad my homework made an improvement since the last time he saw it. Anything but "BURN IT" would be a good reaction from him at this point.
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