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Please Help!

Hi y'all. I have to do this user-testing for my class project. I have to redesign a website, but first I have to test 15 people to see how they think about the organization of the website.

This website offers smoothie recipes. Listed below are the kinds of smoothies (categories of smoothies), and under them would be the actual recipes. What I need you to do is to match the recipe names (listed in the polls) with the category of smoothies you think they fall under.

For example
The recipe named Apple Cinnamon would go under the Apple Smoothies category.

Here is what I need you to do:

1) Do not leave any questions blank.
There is no right or wrong answer. So please guess.

2) In the text box for the recipes found in the poll, enter in the number of the category of smoothies listed below.

3) Each recipe can only belong to one category of smoothie.
So enter in only one number in the text box.

Categories of Smoothies

1) Apple
2) Apricot
3) Banana
4) Blackberry
5) Blueberry
6) Cherry
7) Chocolate
8) Cranberry
9) Kiwi
10) Lemon
11) Mango
12) Orange
13) Peach
14) Pineapple
15) Raspberry
16) Strawberry
17) Watermelon
18) Alcoholic
19) Non Dairy
20) Vegetable

Poll #1365675 Website User Testing

What is your name?

What is your age?

Approximately how long have you been using the internet?

How well do you know the internet?

Apple and Banana

Banana and Berry

Summer Cherry and Vanilla

Blueberry Blast

Banana and Mango Delish

Celery and Strawberry Delight

Blushing Strawberry Melon

Bouncy Berries

A Summer Breeze

Berry Vodka

Carrot All Day

Frothy Tropical

Chickadee Orange

Jungle Power

Mango and Ginger

Peach Colada Sunshine


Fruit Bomb

Blackcurrant and Blueberry Burst

Bursting Blackberry

Christmas Cherry

Apple and Blueberry

Apricot and Raspberry

Tooty Fruity

Apple and Mandarin

Very Berry

Bananarama Chocoholic

Kiwi and Pear Fusion

Lemon and Strawberry Yoyurt

Cheeky Chocolate Coconut

Blushing Cranberry

Kiwi and Passion Fruit

Lemon Fruit Passion

Morning Burst

Fruit Bomb

Cool Peach and Clementine

Grapes Galore

Jamaican Ginger

Amaretto Ice

Tags: school: design

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