Meeps! (dark_soul_lost) wrote,

Blah. Hate Korean dramas.

So I was watching this Korean drama, and it seemed good at the beginning, but I wanted to see how it turned out in the end before I decide to watch the whole thing so as to not waste my time since it was 40 episodes.

The story is that these two sisters called Sis 1 (older) and Sis 2 lost both their parents when they were young. Sis 1 always took good care of her little sister, but her sister was hit by a car, and got kidnapped by this family who let her live with them until she was older.

Sis 1 fell in love with Guy 1 and Sis 2 fell in love with Guy 2. Both Guy 1 and Guy 2 fell in love with Sis 2. This was what I realized in the last episode, and then I didn't feel like watching it anymore. The show didn't even have a happy ending because Guy 2 died and Guy 1 left for another country and never came back. Sis 2 had two guys who loved her dearly and Sis 1 was left with nothing. The two sisters were reunited in the end, but that was pretty much it.

I was like, "Wow, so much drama for nothing." How lame is that? Sis 1 didn't even get the guy she loved even though she was such a good person and deserved to have at least a happy ending. I mean, it's a movie, for goodness sake. At least write in a happy ending!

Sure, if this was a horror movie, I'd wish for someone to die, but usually Asian dramas have love stories. I would assume the writers would give the viewers at least one happy couple in the end, or some other happy ending. If I invested 40 hours into watching a movie, I would not want to be disappointed in the end.

At least I watched the last episode so I know not to waste my time watching this.

Tags: movies: korean

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