July 28th, 2009

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This job gives me pimples. Lots of them. I've had 3 huge zits pop up in the last 3 days.

Today this guy came into the store where I work and asked if I could help him look for some items. He seemed to be flirty from the beginning, but he was speaking in Vietnamese. Honestly, I lack the ability to understand the flirting dance of Vietnamese men. I tried to be as friendly as possible to the customers because I have to and because I'm afraid of getting in trouble, but that makes me come off as flirty to guys who want it to be.

When I asked if he needed anything else, after I've found him the items he specified, he said yes. I asked what. He said, "your phone number." I didn't give it to him. Instead, I gave him change. Then he said he was missing something. I asked what. He said, "your phone number." It was only until I made up some comment about how I was working and I didn't want to be giving out phone numbers during work and get in trouble did he let it go. Sometimes I wonder why the guys I like never like me, but the sucky guys do. To me, this guy was boring and creepy. But then again, I think I easily make quick judgments on people I've just met and that isn't good at all. I need to learn to give people chances and time.