May 30th, 2009

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Right after finals, I got food poisoning, then heartburn, then I was so busy packing up the stuff in my room, so I'm sorry to everyone I've avoided these last few days.

I have come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff. My books take up three storage containers. Two of them are full of school books, which I wish I could dump, but I keep on thinking of all the money I spent on them, so now they're sitting here taking up space. Once I finish school, I think it'll be time for them to go. I can't imagine needing a differential equations book later on in life. Two containers are full of school work from my college classes. Like the books, I think I'll recycle them once I'm out of school.

I'm giving away a few of my clothes. There seems to be no reason to keep them considering I only wear about a quarter of it. I have also made up my mind to get rid of my bed. I had a queen-sized bed because I like to roll around, and as my cats tend to sleep on the bed at random places, having a large bed gives me more room to sleep on. However, if I get rid of the bed entirely, there's more room on the floor for me to sleep.

Now I'm sleeping on the floor because all my stuff is out of my room. It's so roomy in here for such a small place. My cats seem to favor the idea of sleeping on the floor more than on a bed. I hope when I move back into this room, there will be space to put all my containers and the room will look neater than before (since I plan on keeping everything in a container).