April 1st, 2009

chronicles of narnia - lucy dream

Recap of icons.

I've been wanting to make some icons for my community, but alas, I feel creativity fleeting by me. I wish I was happier with the way my icons have been turning out, or rather, been more patient with myself. I'm trying to keep a positive mind frame—to be proud of what I made, so I'll use one of my icons here now. It's insanely difficult to resist making icons when I have such pretty high def movies. I wish I could make some pretty icons with bright coloring like Van's, but mine are starting to become darker with dreary colours as time passes. Oh, why? Maybe I'm better with the dreary, gloomy look.

I've come a long way since I started making icons. I don't even have the first few icons I've made because they were so hideous, but I'll make something right now to show you how awful they were.

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Some of these icons made me laugh, and some of them seriously made me cry, but at least I'm not getting worse. Hahaha.