March 29th, 2009

paul rudd

Bite that Apple!

Sometimes the lack of third party programs for the Mac OS makes me want to stab something. Not my Mac, of course, because I've come to love all the pretty stuff that came with it, but seriously, some third party programs are too good to not be on the Mac. iDVD is spiffy with all of its pretty menus, but why does it suck in terms of supported file formats? Quicktime is amazing at keeping video and audio in sync with file conversions—if only it could open those files in the first place. Why, why, why are Apple programs so well designed, and yet so exclusive that there becomes very very little reason to use them at all? I wish Steve Job isn't such an elitist. Chill out, dude. You own the world already, now it's time to make your programs be less elite than you.