March 26th, 2009

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I should be doing homework, I know, but there's a part of me that's going 'Why?' Yes, why? It's a day before the beginning of my Spring Break, and I'm dying in despair at the overwhelming amount of homework that I will have to do for one graphic design class in the next five weeks. Yes, one class in five weeks.

It makes me think 'why the hell did our teacher give ten fucking weeks for us to do one project and then give us only five weeks to do two giant projects, complete with printing at a professional printer?' What the hell was he thinking? Or maybe this is his way of testing us to weed out the weaklings. Well, I might just be it, considering I have a feeling I didn't do well on my last project. It'll be a miracle if I could get a C in the class, but hey, miracles happen sometimes, right?

Okay, really, I should be writing my essay for government class, as Van told me to do. I only need to turn in this one and I'll be done for the semester for that class, with the exception of the take-home final. I should be writing the essay, yes, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why the creation of limited terms, periodic reelections, and the establishment of two branches of the legislature is supposed to balance the need for the legislature to be both more knowledgeable than the people and responsive to the people. I got the responsive part, but how is the legislature more knowledgeable than the people because of the terms and reelections? I'm so lost that sometimes reading this essay question doesn't even make sense to me anymore.

I'd rather spend my time making Calvin purr loudly.
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A song for you.

I have to do a make-believe reunion music poster for an artist of my choice in my typography class. The rules were that this artist has to still be alive and hasn't had an original album out in at least ten years. Most of the artists or bands I wanted to choose were either dead or are still coming out with original albums. In the end, I went with Mary Hopkin, a Welsh traditional folk and rock singer who was a big hit in the UK in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

One of my research involves listening to her albums because I haven't ever heard any of her songs before. I listened to a lot of oldies when I was a teenager, but I don't ever remember hearing any songs from her. Those Were the Days was a #1 hit in the UK when it was first debuted. Hope you like it.

It's amazing that I'm actually doing homework on a Thursday night. Tonight might be the first and probably the last Thursday night I will do homework. Usually I'm so tired by now that all I want to do is sleep because I don't have school tomorrow, but tonight, I'm determined to try to be as hardworking as Liz, although I probably will never be like her.

I'm about as dead tired as they come right now. Today I had such a short temper I about snapped at everything and everyone around me. Instead, I just sat there half crying and half laughing at how desperate I was to get the shit out of there. My impatience drove me nuts. I know I should just chill out, but for whatever reason, I just My teachers talked way too much, especially my art teacher, who could not stop making us do one tedious in-class assignment after another. Really, can you let us go ten minutes early for once?

I was also paired up with this guy in the class for a class project that we are supposed to do over the break, only before we could even exchange contact information, he whizzed out of class without saying a word to me. I know we have never spoken to each other before, but seriously, at least give me your email so we could work out how we were going to do the project. Of course, I had to take the initiative and asked the teacher for his email after class. This is why I hate group work. I'd rather just do all the work by myself than have to depend on someone else to pull his own weight.

I really wanted to be paired up with L because I know she's reliable, but C would not trade with me. He wanted to be her partner so badly, perhaps partly because he probably has a crush on her, and partly because he's so lazy that he wants to always choose the easier way out, and being L's partner is easiest on him because she's so responsible. This annoys me because I was hoping to have a partner like L instead of some guy that just walked out on me without saying a word, and because I wish C would at least try to be less of a follower.