February 19th, 2009

ncis - ziva - thoughts


I've been finding it really hard to consume the right amount of calories per day. I usually fall way below the amount of calories needed to maintain my weight, so obviously I'm finding it hard to gain weight. My goal is to gain 5-10 lbs., but I can't seem to pull it off.

I know it's mostly my fault. I skip breakfast because I'd rather not eat and get to sleep in for 15 more minutes than wake up a bit early and eat breakfast, but I also haven't been feeling like I want to eat. And when I do feel like eating, l only crave cupcakes and junk food, and then I resist the temptation to eat because I know those food are bad for me. Perhaps the worst part is the fact that I get full too fast. It feels like my stomach can barely hold one sandwich in before it says, "Sorry, dude, I need a time out."

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