April 6th, 2008

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I was told at 20 that I would be stuck with braces for three years. Obviously I was stupid enough not to get them sooner when I was younger, so now I have to deal with my catastrophic metal-metal-train-tracks-that's-taking-over-my-mouth in my early twenties when my whole life should be blooming.

Well, it's been two years already and my dentist told me last Friday that I might only have four or five more months left with them, which made me reply, "Yay, just in time for summer," only to realize it's already April, so five more months would make it September.

September! That's past summer. Damn it.

So I can't be pretty this summer either, just like last summer and the summer before that when I had braces. This braces thing and the whole I-can't-smile-because-I-look-like-I-have-torture-instruments-in-my-mouth are getting extremely annoying.

La la la. Five more months. Just five more months. Then I can smile. And take pictures.
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