February 20th, 2008

ncis - ziva - thoughts

Oh shit ...

I have a major test at 1:30pm and it's 12:38am now & I have yet to study (even though I've organized notes for it).
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ncis - ziva - thoughts

What have I been doing since I retired from icon-making?

I used to have fun making icons. Now I just spend 15+ hours a week drawing squares and butterflies. I think I spent an average of about 50 hours or more on each project. They're a lot of work.

Some of you haven't seen any of my work, so I want to show you. No, some of these aren't great. These are some of the graphic design projects that I worked on in school. One of them is a work in progress, so don't hate!

It's good that designers don't have to be good artists because my drawings are lacking so very badly in the aesthetic department.

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