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*sigh* My laptop was screwed up somehow so it had to be reformatted, which meant all my programs needed to be reinstalled. *double sigh* I do like my laptop, but not very much right after it's been reformatted because there are so many things to do and so many things missing. I'm really sad and bummed. Nothing is ever the same after reformatting. Two reformats ago, I lost all my Photoshop brushes and textures, which ended with me not ever making another icon or wallpaper or banner again. Yeah, that's why I don't spew out icons anymore. *sigh*

None of my electronics last well. Its life span is half of what it usually is in other people's hands. Maybe I overwork mine. I use my laptop for extreme designing, like running Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign (sometimes all at once). I make my printer print 600 pages of cardstock in the span of only a few months since being bought. I scan a bunch of pictures a day on my scanner. No wonder my electronics always give out after a year or less. I'm an electronics killer.

Edit: So my laptop was reformatted, but then I started getting pop-ups of ramdom ads and viruses, then it wouldn't let my internet load, so I reformatted again. After much time and many problems, I was able to reformat again, only ... now AVG won't install because it said there were errors when it tried to create registry keys. Damn it. My laptop is toast. I am beyond angry.

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