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I'm free! I'm free!

Well, semi-free.

Last week was one of the most stressful week of my life. My portfolio for my review was due. I need to pass it in order to move on to upper division and finally get a B.S. If I don't pass it, my spirit shall be crushed plus I'll have to retake two major classes and wait another year to apply. Either that or I have to start all over with a new major or transfer to a different school, which will also have another portfolio review.

Only 40 people will pass, but more than 100 applied.

Let's hope I pass. I'm not looking forward to being 30 years old and still in college without any degree or living off of my sister or marrying a rich old man.

I spent the last week working hard, sleeping an average of five hours per night, and taking only 15 minutes of break per day. I don't think I ate much, but I did manage to get at least two cans of sodas in per night ...

I am going to do absolutely nothing important this whole weekend except frolic in the morning and worry about my portfolio review and my future at night. I have an awful feeling I'm not going to pass. People keep telling me I should have faith in myself, but, come on, faith isn't going keep me from failing.

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