Meeps! (dark_soul_lost) wrote,

What have I been doing since I retired from icon-making?

I used to have fun making icons. Now I just spend 15+ hours a week drawing squares and butterflies. I think I spent an average of about 50 hours or more on each project. They're a lot of work.

Some of you haven't seen any of my work, so I want to show you. No, some of these aren't great. These are some of the graphic design projects that I worked on in school. One of them is a work in progress, so don't hate!

It's good that designers don't have to be good artists because my drawings are lacking so very badly in the aesthetic department.

This project is called the 10 Black Squares. I had to use 10 black squares to convey the concept of angry. On the other hand, I had to use a combination of a word and squares to convey the idea of mystic. The minimum characters (1 square or letter = 1 character) was 10 and the maximum was 15.

10 Black Squares
Concept: Angry & Mystic

This project only used points, lines, planes, and a combination of those to paint an abstract representation of the original image. I'm very proud of myself for using the "negative" plane on the 3rd design. :)

Point, Line, & Plane
Concept: Abstraction

This is the current project I'm working on now. I have to design a symbol (an abstract image the represents a group or company without type and is private) using a bug and the concepts gentle and wild. I am actually not fond of any of these.

Current Project: Symbol
Concept: Gentle

Current Project: Symbol
Concept: Wild


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