Meeps! (dark_soul_lost) wrote,

Celtic Festival

First, there was food. $5 for all. Deliciously awesome.

Drea's done with her food already. That's simply amazing.

Off to see the fair. Mandy wanted a bag. We ended up buying nothing though.

Pretty things that weren't worth $50 a piece.

Celtic knot on a necklace.


Pretty flowers.

The pirate and his lady.

A man getting ready to throw a stick.

A man throwing the stick.

The queen and her royal procession.

Colorful masks.

... something. A face ...

Free fencing lessons!

Bubbles. Yay.

It's a Harry Potter world.

More owls and kids.

Dragon breathing fire!! Run, kids!

9 am. Wake up picture.


Another day. Lady singing at the corner.

I forgot what this was.

Drea admiring the fake flowers. Ryan admiring Drea admiring the fake flowers.

One good picture of Drea out of a few hundred.

Men purses?

It's a dead animal sticking out of her butt!

Working pose. Yes, I am THAT lame.

Tags: celtic festival, pictures


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