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Nail Polish Collection

I was reorganizing my polish drawer and realized that I didn't have enough space for my polishes anymore! Blargh. What should I do? I have no more space in my room. I could get a wall display, but my room is already a mess as it is, a display would disappear into the mess.

How do you guys organize your polishes? Or your makeup, for that matter. The amount of makeup I have, although not as much as a lot of people, is too much for my small drawers.

Anyway, I'd just like to share PART of my collection of polishes. I have too many!


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RIP Bandit

RIP Bandit

I don't have any good photos of her.

This is one of the stray cats I've been feeding in my neighborhood. She comes by almost every night to eat, sleep, and visit her friend, Xam, who has moved into my house a year ago.

I've been trying to befriend her for more than a year now without much progress. She was missing for about a week. Yesterday, my family and I found her in our backyard. She was scared out of her mind and dragging her legs. Her body was soaked from the rain and from having to drag her whole body with her front legs. After spending a very long time dragging her out from under our shed, we rushed her to the ER.

After doing an x-ray, exam, and tests, we were told by the vet that her chances of survival are very slim. Even with extensive surgery, she might not survive, and if she did, she will most likely be paralyzed for the rest of her life from her stomach down due to injury in the spinal cord.

We spent an hour deciding what we should do, and in the end, we decided it was best if we let her go. Even if she did survive the surgery, we couldn't give her all the care she needed, and she would be paralyzed for the rest of her life. Her bodily functions could be compromised, leaving her with a lot of problems. I asked for a private cremation so we could take her home with us when it's done. We said goodbye to her, but we couldn't bare to be there for the procedure.

I am so devastated because I've known her for so long and I've wanted so badly for her to stay with us. Now whenever I put food outside for the strays, I know I will never see her sleeping in front of our house again. I know she will never come back to us. I feel so heartbroken to know that she suffered so greatly during the last week of her life and I feel so guilty for leaving her alone in a strange place to die amongst strangers. Her life has been so brutal and I have not done anything for her.
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I'm up at 3 in the morning. Uncommon. I had to do homework and then I sat around amusing myself with thoughts of past mistakes, present regrets, and dreading the future. I really shouldn't be up so late, but it feels like one of those design nights. Just like old times. The same "old times" I had hoped to never return to.
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I've basically abandoned LJ :[

I still write here occasionally, but mostly it's for private entries where I write things I feel I can't tell any of my friends, and it's an outlet for me or else I go insane.

I'm going insane right now.
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Nothing is real

I'm picking cherries, but I wish the task isn't so monotonous because I tend to fall and trap myself in my own thoughts. My mind wanders here and there between reality and dreams and I conjure up visions and stories that are unreal and will never be. I even start talking to myself and have conversations with myself. Everything feels so diluted. Nothing seems real enough to grasp. Nothing seems real. I've lost my mind.

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Set Back

I've successfully injured my knee. Not that I'm excited about it, obviously. Maybe I pushed myself a little too hard last night during my training. Whatever the reason, I'm having a semi-difficult bending my knee. Not too bad, but I sense the pain. I feel like an old lady.

I hate taking a break from exercising because anyone who's worked out knows how difficult it is to start back up again after a long break. Your body gets tired. Your mind gets lazy. Your mentality breaks. And soon you're back to where you started: on the couch eating cookies and watching The Biggest Loser, wondering "why can't I do that?"

I was excited to start level 3 of Jillian Michaels's 30-Day-Shred, but now all I can do is sit here and feel useless. I'll be out of the game for a week, if I'm lucky.

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